Already a recognized technology leader in the retail alternative investment distribution channel, Great Lakes Fund Solutions has launched eSuperior version 2.0, the culmination of a 3-year investment to enhance system architecture and replace the former back-end database program. Benefits of the upgrade to clients and the Company include:

• Staffing and pace of development – The Company will be able to attract and keep staff developers more easily with the modern database. The immediate enhancements listed below are bolstered by the ability to increase the pace of future IT development.

• Database schema update – New database fields have a variety of custom uses. Clients with complex sales organizations –such as those using both internal/external wholesalers and an independent managing broker/dealer– now have their structure reflected by our custom sales reports. The new comprehensive transactions table contains all trade details. Plus each database table now has a complete audit trail.

• Key-value database – This construct of the new database holds the potential for numerous benefits including storage and performance efficiency.

• Application programming interface (API) – Calls to the database may now occur from the eSuperior user interface or through an API.

• Python middleware – This increasingly popular programming language was used to create the new database management system (DMS). Python is also used for the anti-money laundering (AML) screening function and to create files for external parties (most commonly DTCC AIP and DST FanMail).

• System integration – Certain Great Lakes services are now compatible with eSuperior, allowing the Company to integrate their capabilities into future eSuperior releases. This code base includes functions for:
a) Due diligence data room (currently Fund Showroom)
b) Online sales literature display and download
c) Online workflow design and subscription processing

• Subscription automation –The API will allow us to connect to various 3 rd party services (AIX, WealthForge, iCaptial). Internal order-automation development is likely to hold equal or greater promise.

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