Great Lakes Funds Solutions uses internally-developed software, called eSuperior, to provide an outsourced investors services back-office to the sponsors and managing dealers of retail investment funds.  Our clients use the independent broker/dealer channel and RIA channel to raise money for their programs, which typically invest in real estate, energy and commodities.  We are experts at Web development for the financial services industry, as evidenced by our platforms eSuperior, Fund Showroom and those we develop for our clients’ specific business needs.

Links, Press Releases & Articles

February 7, 2018
A key element of the Great Lakes Fund Solutions value proposition is our DTCC Alternative Investment Products processing capability, which is a requirement for raising funds in accounts at major industry IRA custodians.  See the AIP members


March 26, 2015
SEC  Press ReleaseAdopts Rules to Facilitate Smaller Companies’ Access to Capital

February 1, 2013
GLFSI Press Release – GLFSI Expands Transfer Agency Offering in the Direct Participation Program Industry