Great Lakes Fund Solutions is a transfer agent and fund administrator for Funds of Hedge Funds and Direct Participation Programs (DPPs), which include Managed Futures Funds, Oil and Gas Limited Partnerships, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Leasing Partnerships.  We provide unequaled investors-services support to funds that are distributed through RIA and retail brokerage channels.  Our fund-sponsor clients require Great Lakes Fund Solutions’ operational and IT support to engage with large numbers of investors.

This support comes in the form of sales literature fulfillment, processing of subscriptions/redemptions, cash management, accounting, calculating sales commissions, providing customized reports, hosting a custom investor Web portal, regulatory compliance support, distribution processing, and year-end tax allocation to the investors.

It does not stop there!  We view our role as providing any IT and administrative support that helps the fund sponsor create a successful product.

Our proprietary, Web-based back office system is designed to give the fund sponsor full transparency into Great Lakes’ use of the system to support the fund.

Our business started in the early 1970s as an IT provider supporting the commodity and banking industries.  The Company entered the transfer agency and fund administration businesses for Commodity Pools in 1982, assuming the name of  Marcal Systems Corporation in 1984.  Heinold Asset Management, a pioneer in commodity pools, was the Company’s first transfer agency client.