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Direct investment sponsors of real estate and oil and gas production funds spoke to Great Lakes Fund Solutions of the need for a streamlined fund showcase data room to engage.. read more

On Outsource Fear

Posted on January 31, 2014 · Posted in Business Development, Oil and Gas Funds

Dear CEO, Founder and CFO: The word “outsourcing” is a loaded one.   Your company is doing well and the most natural choice would seem to be to hire the.. read more

Alternative Mutual Funds

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Fierce competition among asset managers and the desire that investors have for lower the fees in alternative investments has triggered a major increase in the alternative mutual fund category, as.. read more

CrowdKey – Turn-Key Crowdfunding Solution

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Great Lakes Fund Solutions is lauching CrowdKey, a turn-key portal, customized to become your Crowdfunding site. At minimal expense and with rapid time-to-market, your branding, deals and multimedia content will.. read more

JOBS Act to Revitalize the Dormant Reg A Filing into Reg A+

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Great Lakes Fund Solutions is talking to brokers, bankers and lawyers who think that they will be able to use Reg A filings more actively once the cap on the.. read more

How will the hedge fund admin business support retail-platform hedge funds?

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Hedge fund distribution has been forced to change because family offices and HNW investors are reluctant to seed new investment managers.  Great Lakes is positioned to support these managers–directly or.. read more

DTCC Alternative Investment Products (AIP)

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DTCC has taken a solid step toward addressing the AIP volume constraint by pushing the first processing cycle to earlier in the day (5:10 am).  This has the effect of.. read more

Will startup fund sponsors in the DPP space begin outsourcing portfolio, fund and tax accounting to their transfer agent?

I came across my first DPP fund–a start-up REIT in this case–that is looking to outsource both accounting and transfer agency services.  Is this a trend?  I can vouch for.. read more

GLFSI Press Release

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February 1, 2013, Chicago – Great Lakes Fund Solutions, Inc. (GLFSI) announces the expansion of its transfer agency service offering to include non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), oil and.. read more