Public Managed Futures Fund Services

Investor Services

  • Processing subscriptions and redemptions
  • Distributing acknowledgement of investment, redemption and change in account information to all parties
  • Displaying document images:  monthly financial statements, K-1s, acknowledgement letters, supplements and subscription agreements
  • Reconciling monthly investor activity with broker dealers and the fund operator
  • Hosting a web-based portal for investors, advisors, broker/dealers and service providers
  • Calculating commissions and distributing reports to financial advisors
  • Calculating and publishing the daily estimated Net Asset Value (NAV)

Compliance Services

  • Performing anti-money laundering (AML) screening and reporting
  • Generating Blue Sky Reports: a daily system-generated report to customer for early notification when state limits are nearing 100%
  • Filing SEC form 424b3
  • Tracking FINRA commission limits
  • Coordinating the annual mass delivery of updated prospectus, subscription agreements and sales brochures

Fulfillment Services

  • Hosting a custom, web-based sales material ordering system for financial advisors
  • Housing marketing materials in a clean, climate-controlled space
  • Collating and mailing prospective investor kits
  • Providing marketing material tracking reports for the fund sponsor. Each Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) sent is assigned a control number

Special Services

  • Holiday card mailing to advisors selling the fund